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Terms of Use for the CareMate application for Customers of care services

CareMate is an online application for ordering home and personal care services that deliver requests for care services to care service providers who have joined the CareMate system. The CareMate application's rights holder and provider of services are the CareMate OÜ (registry code 14385848), established in the Republic of Estonia.

1. Use of the CareMate application

1.1 To use the CareMate application, you must visit the CareMate website and register your user account. Creating a CareMate profile creates a user account with the username and password that is added to the database.

2. CareMate payment terms

2.1 Payment of CareMate application user fees takes place as an internet payment. It is paid on the confirmation of an order of visits by debit or credit card payment, for which you must pre-activate the card data in the application and agree to the CareMate Terms of Use.

2.2 When making a payment, CareMate OÜ is the payee, who will pay the fees paid to the care providers.

2.3 Intermediation in the CareMate application takes place via and follows the following privacy policy: policy.

2.4 CareMate is responsible for the operation of online payments and provides the cardholder with support in resolving issues. CareMate Online Payments Support Contact is available at An email received will be answered within one business day. CareMate resolves all complaints and claims related to online payments within two business days.

2.5 On providing an online payment CareMate acts as an economic agent for care service providers by mediating payments made in the CareMate application. The responsibility of the user of the care service to the care service provider is deemed to be fulfilled when a payment order is issued to pay money to the CareMate OÜ bank account. CareMate is not the executor of the payment order of the customer of the care service.

3. Ordering and canceling of care services

3.1 In the event that a CareMate application user orders a care service and the caregiver has confirmed accepting the order, it is considered to be ordering of a care service.

3.2 The cancelling of the use of the ordered care service is considered to be the situation where the caregiver has notified the acceptance of the order, and the CareMate application user cancels the care service after receiving the corresponding notice.

3.3 The cancelling of the ordered care service is considered to be the situation in which the user of the CareMate application, or the people for whom the maintenance service is ordered, cancel the order and notify thereof at least 24 hours before the time the service is provided. However, in the event of non-opening the door when the provider of the care service has arrived, and failure to notify the visit must be paid for, as the service provider has taken the order into account.

3.4 CareMatel has the right to cancel the use of the application if the user does not pay for the care service that he or she ordered and received, within 7 calendar days.

4. Terms of use for the CareMate application

4.1 CareMate is a web application that allows people to find a suitable care provider using their geographic location and personal needs data.

4.2 The use of the CareMate application is based on the non-exclusive license granted by CareMate OÜ. The non-exclusive license agreement is valid for an unlimited period and is free of charge to a customer of the care service. If software contains deficiencies, CareMate will remove them as soon as possible, but note that the application may sometimes experience technical malfunctions, and CareMate cannot guarantee that the application will always work perfectly. CareMate is also not liable for damages that arise from the fact that the CareMate application is not working or cannot be used in the desired manner. In the event that the care service provider’s right of use of the application is canceled, the corresponding non-exclusive license also becomes invalid.

4.3 As the CareMate application is a communication tool between a care service customer and a service provider, CareMate cannot, therefore, be able to influence or assume responsibility for the quality and defects of the service. Therefore, CareMate cannot guarantee that the order made by CareMate is always correct and adequate.

4.4 The CareMate application is not an offer of care services, and provision of care services is not organized through the CareMate application. It is also not an agent service to find customers for care service providers.

4.5 CareMate application orders are subject to a consumer right of withdrawal at least 24 hours prior to the order, and in this case, the money will be returned to the card. The customer of the service also has the right to require the return of the money if the service provider has not been based on or has violated the terms of use of the service provider.

5. By registering your CareMate account, you agree to the following terms:

5.1 CareMate has the right to add the application user’s personal data to the database and to transfer personal information to care service providers in accordance with the privacy policy.

5.2 CareMate has the right to unilaterally change the terms of use and privacy policy and transfer the database to third parties. CareMate notifies users of the changes to the terms of use and privacy policy by e-mail.

5.3 CareMate may transfer the database containing personal data to third parties without having to notify users of this application in advance. Upon transferring a business or a database, the rights and conditions of this license agreement will also be transferred.

5.4 CareMate can transfer personal and bank data to intermediaries of online payments.

6. General terms and conditions

6.1. The care service user must provide the tools needed for the specific care. This includes: gloves, diapers, draw sheets, handwashing detergents; cleaning supplies when ordering cleaning service. When ordering assistance for mobility impairments, there should be facilities to make lifting easier.

6.2. The person ordering care service must treat the care provider with respect and should not harm her or him or put her or him at risk.

6.3. The fire safety requirements specified by the state must be fulfilled in the place where the service is provided.

6.4. Care service can be ordered from 07:00 to 23:00.

7. Good practice of use of the CareMate application

7.1 Since CareMate is not a care service provider, CareMate cannot fully influence the quality of care services. The problems related to the service quality and faults must be solved in accordance with the rules of the agency conducting supervision of the care service provider or the care service. CareMate provides feedback and rating system to platform users.

7.2 CareMate wants to contribute to the improvement of the quality of care. Therefore, we ask you to complete the feedback form in the CareMate application. Through this, we can make suggestions to care service providers to improve the quality of service.

7.3 CareMate expects application users to use the application in good faith and be polite to the caregivers.

7.4 CareMate will do its best to ensure that CareMate application is used by honest caregivers who respect their profession and the customers. CareMate cannot, however, ensure that the caregiver found through the application always meets all of these characteristics. However, a background check for all caregivers who want to use the platform will be performed; a medical certificate will be requested and, if necessary, they will be referred to training. In case you receive unpleasant care service, inform us through the CareMate application feedback form or contact customer support, and we ask that you always inform the care service provider.

Date of entry into force of the Terms of Use: 01.08.2018

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